With the plethora of stock imagery and similar web designs out there it is not easy to stand out from the crowd. in contrast we create art to deliver a memorable experience to the user..

We combine great illustration with a great user interface to communicate quickly what the visitor wants to know. In this new online world user experience (known as UX) is king, this means a hero image and to the point copy.

If the first header a customer sees can communicate all that you do, in a few short words, half the battle is won. Web surfers don’t want to spend time searching your site to figure out what you do, they’d rather go elsewhere. Getting the position statement right and a clear call to action is key.

The problem is, everyone who is following the new rules are designing sites which look the same. Part of the issue is the use of stock images. Stock images have their place, many clients want a look which conforms to their industry and it is the most economical way to obtain photographs for their website. We at WebLounge are happy to accommodate such clients, in fact it is one of our packages.

But, there’s a saying in the web developer business, a custom image or an original illustration is worth a hundred stock images. If you want uniqueness, TheWebXperts.com.au is the company for you.