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We have years of experience working with Google and Bing and know what it takes to make a site rank. The most important step after building your beautiful site is to optimise it for search engines. Let us show you how.

SEO site traffic

Driving Traffic to Your Site

The work is done and the page is live, now what? Well, that was the easy part. The temptation is to leave it alone and concentrate on the “real” business. Many of your competitors have done just that, they let the…. Read me

Marketing Your eCommerce Site

To gain success from online searches you are going to need to pitch to the niche. This is because the masses, the people in the middle of the bell curve, are almost impossible to reach. The people who eat the burger and fries rather than the Focaccia, drive the Toyota… Read more

Website Design

For All Screens

The thing about the internet is that every 5 or 6 years, to paraphrase a saying from Apple, everything changes again. And one of the biggest is more people are browsing with either mobile phones or tablets than on desktops. Up until a few years ago, catering to mobile devices involved…  read more

Website wordpress

Website and your Brand

If you are a small business already engaged with other marketing activities then it may be relevant to look at how you fit a website into your branding strategy. In 1990’s business merely replicated their message used in other media and put it on a website. And because the public already knew this message,…  read more

Our Work

“Thank you so much for our new logo. It was a dream process working with Gary and we are thrilled to bits with the result.”

Marcia Stone

Time Out Restaurant, NSW, Australia

We are so delighted with your design overall. Thank you so much! This has been a really positive experience =)”

Denise Brunsdon

Du Plooy Law, Calgary, Canada

“Personally, I found it a delight to work with Colourfix.  I would recommend Colourfix to companies (large or small) who are looking for graphic design service that is highly responsive to their needs at a value for money price point.”

Matt Conder

General Manager, Parkside, Perth, Australia

“Thanks Gary for the great logo, we worked hard on it and finally found the right one. And thanks for suggesting the name for my business too. And website. Top job!”

David Forrest

Chef, Spit Roast Guru, Central Coast NSW, Australia