The thing about the internet is that every 5 or 6 years, to paraphrase a saying from Apple, everything changes again. And one of the biggest is more people are browsing with either mobile phones or tablets than on desktops. Up until a few years ago, catering to mobile devices involved having two sites ( and which meant content needed to be updated twice.  A chore most small to medium business never embraced and the majority never made mobile friendly websites.  It is all well and good to browse a conventional website on a phone, using its touch screen pinch, scroll and pan functions, but becomes a little tiring compared to convenient scroll only mobile sites.

By 2015 mobile usage has become so prevalent, mobile device usage eclipsed desktops, to the point any business that does not cater to mobiles is losing potential customers.

Some industries it’s even more pronounced, like restaurants, where over 70% of online users are using phones to look up addresses, menus, make bookings and order takeout.

Enter new website technology, the “Responsive” website. Only one website which works for both desktops and mobile devices, the site actually re stacks itself to a single column when it detects a phone or two columns on a tablet. The best part is, when you want to change products, prices or copy, there is only one site to update.

In a medium where a competitor’s website is only a click away, and with users who are accustomed to instant gratification and no online patience to speak of, this spells disaster for your online strategy.

All websites created by the WebXperts are responsive thus ready to face the new online world.