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“Since the purpose of most sites is to be found, there is no point to them if they are left in obscurity. SEO is essential to the success of any site.”

SEO – the Difference Between Success and Failure

Search Engine Optimisation

Take the typical online customer, he or she wants to look up an item and types in a keyword in the search engine. 65% of them choose one of the links in the top three results.


The top 3 get all the attention..

The pie chart shows a typical spread of a keyword, links on page 1 on Google receive 90% of the clicks, page 2 is something, page 3 is so low it barely registers. It is as bad as page 10. With 300 million new websites coming into being every year, its easy to see the kind of competition there is to get on page one. Most websites never get near it for broader keywords.

Time for a reality check:

From the Quora website:
“I work for a large e-commerce provider (think Volusion, Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify – one of them). The median store revenue per month across all our paying clients is $0. It’s more likely that you’re paying us money for nothing than that you’re making money from your store.”

That’s right. The bulk of ecommerce sites out there are making NO MONEY at all. It’s an epidemic.

Why is this happening? 

One factor, it has never been easier and cheaper to start an online business. Domains are only a few dollars, hosting can be had  for a couple dollars a month. There are plenty of easy site builder websites around. The cost are so low the risks are considered low. We are living in the age of plenty. Distractions are plenty. Options are plenty. But one thing is becoming scarce online, and this is..


The number one risk is obscurity.

Maybe the low price of entry is giving a perception that further progress can be made without too much effort. Except, the successful sites on page 1 got there only by a huge amount of work. It is this body of work, large numbers of back links and volumes of quality content is serving as a barrier to new entrants in the market. In the pre internet days, at least the street presence of your bricks and mortar store was a strong starting point. People can see it as they travel down the road. There is no headstart like that with a website. It’s completely invisible on day 1. Hundreds of millions of websites have come and gone without anyone seeing them. The focus of your online strategy should be the recognition that obscurity is your number 1 enemy. 

This is Why SEO Exists

There is such a thing in the internet search world called “Organic Search”. These are the unpaid search results which Google places in-between a bunch of “Paid” search results (which are Google Adwords product). Google needs Adwords (for their revenue) and need organic results otherwise users would simply stop using Google. Google needs be sure the organic search results are accurate and deliver what the user is looking for, otherwise users would, again, stop using Google. Google uses a formula, or a set of rules to rank sites. If there is a formula then SEO will always have a role to play.

Since this formula exists, all SEO needs to do is make a website fit that formula. This formula is a closely guarded secret, but Google does occasionally release some information, so we have a pretty good idea. The practice of Search Engine Optimisation will always exist as long as there are search engines on the internet.

A form of marketing which is a kind of SEO predated the Web. Businesses used to fight to be on the first pages of the phone book, with names like AAAAArdvark Cleaners, AAAMechanics etc. Record companies used to bribe radio stations or employ tricks to manipulate the Top Hits List. Same situation with book publishers and best seller lists. So we can see manipulating lists is as old as publishing itself.

There used to be tricks to fool Google, but that practice is as good as finished. Google’s algorithm is smarter now, and will punish any site employing blackhat SEO (dirty tricks), sending it to the bottom of the rankings. All we have left is being genuine, to make websites with great content and content that matches the keywords users are searching with. TheWebXperts uses whitehat SEO techniques only.

Since the purpose of most sites is to be found, there is no point to them if they are left in obscurity. SEO is essential to the success of any site.


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